Why I’m becoming a Mecca Bingo regular

Free food, too many JD’s and some embarrassing dance moves on stage – who would have thought I’d be talking about a Friday night at Mecca Bingo?

Hands up if you’ve never been to one in your life! Only a few weeks ago, I’d have been putting a hand up myself.

Not that I was never up for it, I’m ALWAYS up for it, no matter what ‘it’ is. But, when you’re making plans with your mates (that’s if you actually get a reply from someone in the group chat), it’s not the first place that comes to mind. So, when I got invited over to an event at Mecca Bingo in Sheffield, was I about to turn that down? Hell no – and thank God, because I’d have missed out on some great comedy, lots of laughs and a good old Mac and Cheese (foodies, don’t judge me, I live for Mac’n’Cheese).

And, honestly? I don’t think people realise how fun your night can be. Ask the lady who drunkenly passed out midway through – I’m sure she was having a fab time, if she remembers it. (Shoutout to the Mecca Bingo staff who looked after her very supportively).

Bingo? Comedy Night? Comedy Bingo?

It was definitely a little unexpected, going to a Comedy Night, but at a Bingo venue. It makes sense though – why not combine the two? Seen as I’m a skint student and don’t often go to either one, I was pretty excited either way.

…the only thing that was missing was a marriage affair and you get yourself a multiple-storyline film in the style of Love Actually.

We arrived at 7pm, in advance for the 9pm Comedy show. I had absolutely no idea what to expect, so the long queue outside was definitely a surprise. We felt a little young in the queue, which was actually a nice thing, in comparison to really feeling in our 20’s when surrounded by underage kids in clubs (when did this even happen? I swear I was one of those a week ago). I expected everyone to be so much older though, and yet the age groups were completely mixed – young Uni students, old married couples, first dates, mid-20’s girls nights, work do’s, high school reunions. At this rate, the only thing that was missing was a marriage affair and you get yourself a multiple-storyline film in the style of Love Actually.

We were led to a reserved table and handed an envelope containing the most vital information – our free food and drinks vouchers. I honestly can’t thank Mecca Bingo enough, it was such an amazing treat. The plan was to tick off your choice of meal and drink (the organisation freak inside me was loving this) and then use the rest of the drink coupons throughout the night. I was actually very impressed with our ability to walk straight by the end of the night, as not only there was enough vouchers to get us through the whole night, but the bar staff were VERY generous.

Nuggets totally failed..

To our disappointment, there wasn’t a Bingo game to start off with like we expected. However, after all those free Jack Daniels and Cokes, we would not have been able to keep up. (Have you seen how fast these games are? How the hell is it stereotyped as an ‘old people game’?)

Instead, we had a chance to get a bit competitive with a big Comedy Quiz instead! I’m actually a massive pub quiz fan so this was definitely a treat, especially when Friends was brought up. There were multiple rounds, from pictures to TV show quotes, but the tricky parts were the bonus points. This is where I had to take one for the team and do some totally embarrassing dancing and catwalks on stage.

I was totally upstaged by all the older women that had 0% shame and 100% confidence there though, so I guess us young ones aren’t that fun after all. Thanks to having my boyfriend there, as we’d have completely failed the British Comedy questions without him (I guess we’re still a little too Polish in this case), our team ‘Nuggets’ PROBABLY did alright. I say probably, because we’ll never know.. we totally forgot to write our bloody team name on one of the sheets. All that dancing for nothing!

It’s time…

I can already hear the millennial jokes in my head.

We got really excited for the food. It wasn’t top restaurant meals, but we didn’t expect them at all. Plus, my boyfriend would have hated that, he’s more of a fish and chips kind of guy (which they had on the menu so his night was made!) My dad ordered a burger, and I picked Macaroni Cheese over vegetarian sausages, but it was nice to have more than one veggie option. I apologise for the lack of food photos – we took almost two hours to decide what we wanted, so the food arrived just as the Comedy was starting. I was not going to risk being picked on by a comedian for taking flash photos of my meal, I can already hear the millennial jokes in my head.

The lights went out and it was time for the NCF Comedy Night. Barry Dodds, who was hosting the event introduced the two comedians on stage: Tony Cowards and Vikki Stone. Tony Cowards who was so great at getting the audience involved and his jokes felt so spontaneous and natural, he definitely had the crowd loving him. Then followed Vikki Stone, who’s face I’ve definitely seen before. I was told she’s also been on I’m a celeb, so don’t be surprised if you also recognise her. She seemed not only very down to earth but then impressed the audience with her hilarious songs – including this one about Philip Schofield that had me in tears.

I’d definitely cal the whole night a success. What else would you need for a great Friday night?

Our entire night was free for me and my guests which was so incredible and we are super grateful! But what makes it even better is that the tickets genuinely started at £5, which less than some club entry prices. I think this just puts it right at the top of my list next time we want somewhere to go for the evening, as there isn’t many Comedy Night this good but this affordable.

A little bit Bonkers..

And that time, there WAS Bingo, but not what you’d imagine your grandma attending.

Are you less into comedy and more into a louder kind of night? Now that we’re on the topic of Mecca Bingo, this wasn’t the only event I got to attend recently.

Before the Comedy Night, I got a chance to attend a bit of an insane night for their Bonkers Bingo event a few weeks back. Let me tell you this – a night at a pub would have had nothing on that.

There were lap dances, staff walking around with shots and what seemed like thousands of huge Bingo ball balloons. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything like it. And that time, there WAS Bingo, but not what you’d imagine your grandma attending. Especially that being wrong about a full house got you in some serious trouble that you definitely needed to be drunk for. I don’t think I saw a single person leaving sober, and there’s no surprise about that – especially based on the size of the cocktail pitchers everyone was downing.

It was such a shame that I didn’t get to see the whole event, as it would have deserved an entire post of its own. But there’s one thing I can tell you for sure.. the next time there is one, I’m there and I’m not missing it for anything.

Thanks to everyone at Mecca Bingo Sheffield for making our night amazing – both times. If you haven’t tried one of their events yet, I am not lying when I say you’ll be missing out.

If you’ve been to Mecca Bingo before, let me know in the comments! If not, give it a try – I’ll see you there, because it looks like I’ll be becoming a regular.

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