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My name is Kamila Zielinska, (hence ‘KAMZ’ in my blog name) and I’m 20 years old.

I’m a short, blonde media student, who makes up for her height by being a little too loud. I study at Sheffield Hallam University and I’m mostly here or back home, in Halifax.

I was born in a little town in Poland, called Malbork, and I spent half of my life there, before my parents put me on a plane and brought me to another small town across the sea, where I was drowned in rain and a strange Yorkshire accent. And after all this, here I am!

Coffee and all things creative drive my life. I’m a blogger, content creator, freelance designer, marketer, activist and whatever else I might choose to call myself. I want to learn about everything there is to learn, and see everything there is to see. Life isn’t long enough for me, but I’ll use what I have.

I’m fascinated by all cultures, religions and languages. I try to see beauty in all and I believe there is more to this world than we think. I also very strongly believe and stand for equality and spreading love, not hate.

I want to make a difference, even a small one. 


I’ve set up KAMZ ONLINE as a lifestyle platform, to bring you the best content on lifestyleuniversity and travel! As I’m a 2nd year student, many things I talk about  reference student living – but don’t let this fool you! This blog is for all of you, who are interested in what I have to say.

This blog will bring you lifestyle tips, tricks and inspiration, university tips for current or future students and all the travel content I can manage! Being a student, I like to talk about how to do things on a small budget, so you’ll find some tips that have completely saved my life, including on freebies! I pledge to make everything as honest and true as appropriate.


I’m a very open person and I love to be challenged, corrected and debated with – so do not hesitate to comment or get in touch, either regarding anything I say or just for a chat! Getting to know people and many points of views or styles of living is such an important part of my life. Everything I post on here is simply my own opinion and based on how I see or do things; I wouldn’t want to tell any person how to live their life and I try very hard to not offend anyone. But the truth is, I’m only human and every one of us will need correcting sometimes.

I absolutely love new ideas for content, so please comment or message me (through email or social media) for anything you’d like me to include. This can be anything as specific as you want it to be – about my media course, where I live, Poland, the University, beauty, blogging, photography, design, career, my views on something or whatever pops into your head.

As well as this blog, I also have my professional blog and portfolio kamzmedia, where you can find all my media work and more career related posts.

Kamzonline: Kamila Zielinska

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