Argos Jewellery | The Mother’s Day gift you probably forgot to consider

Disclaimer: This post is a sponsored collaboration with Argos Jewellery. Regardless of this, everything on this post and this blog is my honest opinion that will not, in any way, be affected by the sponsor.

CRAP, IT’S MOTHER’S DAY SOON. I feel like I definitely heard that thought go through your mind when you read the headline. We are only a few days away, and if you’re like the majority of the population, you’ve probably left it last minute.

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21 life tips I learnt in 21 years

FullSizeRender.jpgI think I’ve discovered the secret of adulthood. You know, that thing all the older people know, which makes them so much better at life than we are? Well, I think I figured it out, and it’s not what you expect. I’m sorry to tell you, but the secret to being an adult, is that you never really become one.

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How to get the most Fresher’s freebies

FullSizeRertewrenderI don’t know about you, but ‘free’ is definitely my favourite word. As soon as you don’t have to pay for something, it suddenly becomes essential, looks amazing and tastes ten times better. It doesn’t matter what it is. Add this to being absolutely skint and in debt, and suddenly a freebie is the equivalent to winning the lottery.

Whether you’ve already gone through a few of the famous Freshers Weeks – oh yes, you get to enjoy it EVERY year – or this is your first time, you definitely expect huge amounts of free stuff. Free chicken, free domino’s, free burgers – I didn’t even need to cook during my first week.

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15 Things I found weird in the UK

fullsizerender1.jpgThe United Kingdom is a crazy place. Or at least, it seemed it, for a while. If you’ve read my About Me page, or know me personally, you’ll know that I’m not British (but you could question that, with the amount of Yorkshire Puddings I consume).

My parents put me on a plane and brought me to another small town across the sea – where I was drowned in rain and a strange Yorkshire accent. – About Me Page

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Uni tips we wish we got told

kamz online instaWhether University will be ‘the best time of your life‘ or a ‘few years of dragging misery‘ really does depend on the person. However, everyone that has been to Uni will probably agree on one thing – it’s a pretty significant stage of your life. And who doesn’t want to make the most of it?

If you’re about to go to University, or have just started, you have probably been hearing an endless amount of tips, advice and stories. We all have. If you’re like me, especially, then you might have read EVERYTHING there ever has been to read about your journey ahead, from how to make cheap vodka taste nice, to referencing like a pro.

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Blog is back up!

Hey guys!
IMG_7666.JPGAs you can see, after its little surgery, my blog is live again! I’m so thrilled for this new theme and to start uploading some exciting content that I’ve been preparing and coming up with. Unfortunately, as some of you will notice, I got rid of most of my old posts. It was a difficult choice (don’t worry, they’re still in private) and because of this, I also lost many comments that I appreciated. Continue reading “Blog is back up!”