Argos Jewellery | The Mother’s Day gift you probably forgot to consider

Disclaimer: This post is a sponsored collaboration with Argos Jewellery. Regardless of this, everything on this post and this blog is my honest opinion that will not, in any way, be affected by the sponsor.

CRAP, IT’S MOTHER’S DAY SOON. I feel like I definitely heard that thought go through your mind when you read the headline. We are only a few days away, and if you’re like the majority of the population, you’ve probably left it last minute.

We don’t necessarily have to get anything for the amazing mums in our lives, and you might not celebrate it. But no matter what, I LOVE a chance to treat someone that I love and thank them for everything they’ve done for me. Especially when that person is the woman who inspires me and is there for me every minute of every day of my entire life. So, yes, I will go out and pay for those Mother’s Day gifts, those cards, those flowers.. but then you have your next question. But what do I get her and where the hell do I find it?

It’s exactly because of that, that I was invited last week to the new Argos Jewellery counter in Meadowhall. It was the perfect opportunity to see the new counter, but also to get to pick and choose all the jewellery I’d like to see. And, let’s not forget – to find something that my mum would absolutely adore.

I was welcomed with a glass of prosecco and some cupcakes, so that ALREADY made my night. If you were following my Instagram Stories that night, you’ll know how excited I was about the event. Soon after I got to have a one-on-one chat with a consultant and talk all things Jewellery and bling. Who could ever complain?

Diana, the consultant was there to get to know me and the person I’d like to get something for and give me personalised advise. Of course, it was my mum that I had to tell her about. This was probably a huge life saver – as much as I love picking out gifts for people, when it comes to clothes, jewellery or anything that involves someone’s style, I run for the hills. Not even kidding. I always worry so much about picking someone something that they might not like – even when I know they’ll appreciate it anyway.

Picking the gift

As I’m a massive magpie, all that bling and sparkle was giving me butterflies.

I love that I didn’t feel rushed to just pick something and leave. It was absolutely no different that when you go into a special Jewellery store and get shown everything you’d love to have a look at and you’re allowed to take all the time you need to make your mind up. That second one is definitely something my indecisive self needs.

Actually, it might have even felt better than being in a Jewellers, because I didn’t feel judged or pressured into choosing something of a certain price or a certain type. It felt like a genuine friendly chat with someone who wants to help you out.

Diana brought out every piece of Jewellery I had my eye on (and trust me, there was A LOT) and also found some extra pieces that she thought might be great. That also included the earrings she was wearing which I fell completely in love with. If I had my ears pierced, I would probably be perfectly happy to wear them for the rest of my life.

After another glass of prosecco and a few big debates (it was all too gorgeous to choose, don’t judge me), Diana helped me pick that one perfect gift. I ended up choosing a beauty of a set, which included a watch, bracelet and a pendant. This was actually something that Diana found and brought out to me, as I normally wouldn’t have considered watches. I don’t think I knew you can get sets like these, especially in Argos – I was totally amazed with the amount of choices I had.

It was much more unique, because it’s definitely not something I would have expected, nevermind my mum! I totally owe Diana for bringing it out and putting that extra effort in to think of what else I could consider. And I don’t think I need to tell you much about it, because seriously, just look at the picture. Plus, it’s also a great brand, so I just couldn’t go wrong with it.

I’ve actually been a little bit of a cheat and I’ve already given my mum the set. I genuinely couldn’t wait to see her open it – her reaction definitely did not disappoint. However, I can’t promise you guys that I won’t go back for those earrings soon. Even if I can’t wear them in my own ears they’ll look gorgeous in my jewellery box. That’s if my mum doesn’t get to them first, as I’m pretty definite she’d love them just as much.

Overall, I had the most amazing evening and I wanted to just leave a little thank you to Argos for that. Normally, when you think of buying someone jewellery, Argos is probably not the first place to pop into your mind. I know for a fact I would have totally missed out on all his jewellery if not for the invite – so I want to make sure none of you miss out! Diana told me that she gets so many people who come to her exhausted, after popping into every Jewellery store in Sheffield and still not able to find what they were looking for and they completely forgot to try Argos – and come out with happy smiles and gorgeous pieces. I think a lot of it has definitely something to do with the fact that we’re so used to automatically going into a Jewellers, not realising that we can get such good one-on-one advice from here. If you’re looking for a Mother’s Day gift, you never know, you might find just the perfect necklace or ring in Argos. And if you’re as indecisive as me, you could maybe use Diana’s advice too.

Have you ever bought Jewellery from Argos? How was your experience? Let me know your thoughts, would love to find out if anyone else has tried it!

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